Conference Rooms – DRESDEN | Könneritzstraße 5

One of our Seminarrooms in Dresden

Our PC-COLLEGE Partner:

PC-COLLEGE Saxonia Bildungsinstitut (Further Education) GmbH
Könneritzstraße 5
01067 Dresden

Short description:

The conference / PC training rooms in Cologne can be rented for your own events, presentations and trainings with customized catering and technical services on a daily basis.

IT room facilities:

Modern computers / notebooks, strong light projector, whiteboard, flipchart, Air Condition,  blackout curtains, laser printer, HighSpeed ​​Internet access with static IP address. Your own software can be installed on our systems.

Number of IT training rooms:

9 rooms with 2 to 16 workstations

Number of theory seminar rooms :

2 rooms with 16 possible seats


Situated in the centre of Dresden


Our partner location is situated in the centre of Dresden and can easily be reached by tram or S-Bahn


Parking is available in the Max-Strasse or Easter Avenue, or for a charge in an Underground Parking Area


The catering is individually tailored to your needs.

As standard, we offer hot and cold drinks, biscuits and fruit, optionally with a warm lunch. Upon request we provide additional snacks, like crusty rolls with a variety of different toppings


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One of our Seminarrooms

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